Your Home. Your Choice.

Looking for a change and not sure where to start?

You’re right where you need to be.

The Property Twins can review your situation and enable the best path forward that is right for you.

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Renovate Your Home​

Need a refresh?
Renovate your kitchen and bathrooms with an updated look!

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Remodel Your Home

Need more space? Layout change?
Adapt your home to the size that fits your changing needs.


Rebuild Your Home

Want a completely new house?
Keep the same location! Contact us for new home options.


Sell Fast w Cash Offer

Need to sell your house fast?
Pay ZERO commissions and ZERO fees. We close when you’re ready!


Sell on the Market

Ready to sell your house?
Maximize your value and peace of mind with the right team! 


Buy a Home

Looking for a complete change?
Enlist the team who knows home quality details to be on your side.

We’re Here to Help

We understand everyone has a unique situation.

Upsize. Downsize. Relocation. Death. Inheritance. Fire. Mold. Exchange. Eviction. Job Loss. Foreclosure. Forbearance.

The Property Twins can listen and both provide and enable options that best fit your situation.

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Our Team Takes Care of You

Taking the first step toward change can be challenging. That’s why we make it easy to simply say “hi.” There, the toughest part is over. Now we can enjoy a conversation about you and what it is that you want or need. We’re not a handy man service nor do service calls. We enable. We transform. We de-stress. We create the easy button to address the home change in your life. Simply say hello and let’s explore how easy the next steps can be!

Say hello today!

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