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Here Are 5 Quick Tips to Get Your House Ready

Ready to sell your house? Current inventory is limited, but do you believe cutting corners and listing your home will yield you the best offer?

The answer is NO!

Think about what is best for you. A quick sell may be right for your circumstance, or you may have the benefit of time to help make improvements before listing your home for sale. From minor or major home improvements to cleaning, staging, and depersonalizing the — there are multiple activities needed to complete. Now, are you wondering how to get your house ready to sell for the best offers?

We understand selling a house is a difficult process. But the Property Twins are here for you! We have the answers you’re looking for.

Here are 5 tips you can follow to prepare your house.

1. Remove Clutter

Want to make your house look bigger? The key is removing clutter. With fewer distractions and by opening the circulation spaces, the interior space will be allowed to breathe. Store away your photos and personalized items. Why?

Because your personal belongings can make it harder for a buyer to visualize the space as their own, which may have a negative impact on offers. Your belongings can simply be stored away in boxes, closets, or the garage. And don’t forget the kitchen or living area cabinets. Many buyers will open cupboards or closets to check available spaces. Little things can make a big difference.

2. Repairs and Improvements

Would you like to move into a broken house? Most people don’t – they want move-in ready.

Small imperfections may lead buyers to thinks there are bigger problems they’re not seeing and can lose confidence in submitting an offer. You must ensure your home is in the best condition to sell it. There should be no roof or plumbing leaks. There should be no visible broken windows or faulty doors. These are major reasons buyers will lower their offers on your home. If you plan to upgrade your home before selling, the Property Twins carry a California State General B Contractors License. They have a team ready to help make repairs and improvements. Not only will you increase the value of your house, but you will also attract more buyers and raise the competition.

3. Deep Cleaning

Perform thorough cleaning and ensure the interior and exterior space remains in top condition. Employ an expert cleaning team to deep clean your interiors and hire a gardening team to trim your grass and add flowers, plants, and mulch to drastically improve your exterior and curb appeal. Cleaning is conceivably the most significant task when selling your home. And to close the deal and secure your sale successfully, you must be one step ahead.

Remember, you will drastically improve a buyer’s interest when your house is clean. Don’t give them a reason not to submit an offer.

4. Interior and Exterior Staging

Staging a home can also help to sell your home. Staging can give buyers an idea of where the social areas can be so they can begin visualizing entertaining with the company and both playing and relaxing with friends and family. Consider several components. First, use furniture with neutral tones that property fit the space, and arrange them to identify social areas. Second, use consistent lighting (we recommend 2700K to 3000K color temperature) to illuminate darker spaces to help make the interior feel bigger. Third, depersonalize the space (e.g. remove photos of family or awards) so the buyer doesn’t feel like they’re invading someone else’s space. Find a good balance. Your house should offer a warm, cozy, and welcoming feeling.

5. Find a Listing Agent

Voila, we are finally on the last step! All you need now is to find a listing agent and they will take it from there. You can use an agent through referrals, and you can also use the Property Twins! Much like the Property Brothers, Ryan is a CA Licensed Realtor (DRE #02114228) and is an expert in home renovations and improvements!

Minimize the headaches. Make your life simpler by consulting with one of the best and trusted teams in the area who can do it all. The Property Twins will ensure your house is sold and you get the deal that works best for you.

Selling a house can be stressful and tiring, but if you have the right team on your side, it can be rather enjoyable and liberating. Nonetheless, these 5 tips will certainly be a big help.

Being ready to sell takes time, knowledge, and resources. We at Property Twins can help you with this journey.

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