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Trends For Home Remodeling In Silicon Valley

Trends For Home Remodeling In Silicon Valley

Home remodeling in Silicon Valley can be a great deal of change. Any shedding of the old and front lining the new is an attractive end product we all wait for. But it is essential to enjoy the journey as well.

The process begins with a vision, an imagination of the final scene. And with the change in time, there are changes in trends. To help you with a better choice, we have prepared a collection of popular fixtures and finishing trends that can be a great source of admiration in 2022. Ahead are all the details!

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Quartz countertops, particularly those with open veiny designs, are the most popular today. Most of the projects for home remodeling in Silicon Valley go for open veiny designs, and then there is granite. Those who don’t choose veiny designs go for the traditional materials. The recent trends are marching away from white, stark black and gray counters and towards beige and creamy white colors. 


Recent times have seen a rise of favor towards luxury vinyl planks, which provide the appearance of wood for lower cost and maintenance. Home remodeling in Silicon Valley sees higher love for warm and natural wood tones as buyers have distanced from gray. On the other hand, the affluent section of the population loves dark floors.


There is a place for white cabinets in the popularity section but now the times have changed and the warmer shade of white tilted towards bone and beige. In the darker shades, dark espresso and cherry wood cabinets have failed to stay in the trends, similar to how gray is trending out. Natural wood finish in taupe and beige tones are the most loved among those who want to remodel their cabinets.


The recent COVID era have forced the homeowners to prefer touch-free doorknobs, faucets, and lights, as well as smart appliances that they can manage from their phones.


Stainless steel is still a popular material for appliances. Black stainless steel, which is scratch-prone, was temporarily fashionable until the supply chain limited its availability. Hence, the home remodel service providers advise their customers to avoid solid black or simple white appliances as they have also trended out.

Light Fixtures:

Black light fixtures, on the other hand, are ubiquitous. Round light fixtures, open cage types, ’70s retro fixtures, and mid-century contemporary looks are popular among today’s consumers. Brushed nickel is still a popular finish, and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures as well as elaborately decorated ones are on the rise.

As per the popular studio in Illinois, black hardware is also a popular choice for windows. Clean and classic is what is sought by those who need home remodeling. Brushed nickel faucets are still the most popular choice among house purchasers because they look great with black light fittings and window covering hardware.


For home remodeling in Silicon Valley, we advise you to choose neutral shades and textures that soothe your eyes and can stay on longer. Don’t get carried away with the changing trends as paints are a significant expense in itself. When you feel tired with the same setup, you can carry out changes in your light fixtures, drapery hardware, drawers, paint and others for transformation. The before-mentioned changes are economically less burdening than changing the counters, floors, and cabinets.


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