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How Would You Rebuild Your Home After a Fire?

How Would You Rebuild Your Home After a Fire?

Disasters are often unforeseen and are detrimental to property, assets and emotions. Recovering the same level of living standards and rebuilding a home consumes time, energy and financial capital. Whether this has happened to you or even to prepare yourself for this worst-case scenario, here is some critical information that can help with preparedness and even to help expedite the rebuilding process.

1. File Your Claim: The initial stage of rebuilding a home is documenting the details of your loss. Contact your insurance provider after the fire and notify them about the incident. Then work with a fire restoration company to assess the damage. From the information gathered between the insurance providers and the restoration company, you can assess whether to salvage the existing structure or to demolish the structure and build a brand-new home.

Looking to rebuild a home after a fire? The Property Twins specialize in both renovation and new construction and can help navigate the transformation from start to the finish. They carry a General B Contractors License and are bonded and insured (not to mention great to work with)! 

2. Secure the Property: A damaged home attracts attention and exhibits more dangerous conditions, which can include weakened structures, sharp objects like exposed nails, and toxic carcinogenic material. Safeguard the roof by installing plastic tarps to prevent debris from blowing into the neighborhood as well as from rain, weather or pests from further damaging the structure and interior. Secure the entry points (e.g. doors and windows) using plywood to help prevent invaders and animals from entering. For a secondary layer of protection against unwanted visitors, install plywood on the interior of doors and windows as intruders cannot access these screws from the exterior.

3. Abatement and Clean Up: It is likely your home is filled with smoke, ash, stains, water, burns, debris and smoke odor. Begin the cleaning process with the fire restoration company and discard unsalvageable material. Use water pumps, vacuum cleaners, sponges, dehumidifiers, fans, etc., as necessary. To remediate smoke odor, you can use sanitization chemicals such as baking soda, bleach and water for deep cleaning.

4. Assessment of the Structural Destruction: Begin the decision for renovating versus rebuilding by inspecting existing damage. The restoration company or Property Twins can help connect you with a structural engineer, who can assess the extent of structural damage and advise what needs to be repaired versus replaced. Elements to be assessed are:

a. Non-load bearing elements, such as floors, walls, and ceilings

b. Load bearing elements, such as columns, shear walls, and roof trusses

5. Restore the Structure: If you decide to salvage the existing structure and have clarification on the extent of all damage, you can begin the journey of reparation. Your restoration company or Property Twins can enroll the necessary trades like certified electricians, carpenters, roofers and other experts to rebuild your home. They’ll carry out the heavy repairs, replacing damaged trusses and ultimately re-strengthen the structure.  

Remember, if a fire breaks out in your home or simply want to rebuild a home in Silicon Valley, you know whom to talk to – the Property Twins!

6. Repairs and Inspections: Regardless of the extent of fire damage, have a certified electrician inspect the electrical box and wires. Exposed wire due to melted wire insulation is dangerous and may subject your home to fire risk again in the future. One house fire is one too many, let alone a second one! Be thorough and do not cut corners.

7. Document Everything: Take extensive photos and save all documents, agreements, and conversations on a digital platform (recommended) to ensure accountability and integrity with all professionals you are worth with. Costs of home repairs and rebuilds can be very high, so do your best to avoid hassles and ensure a smooth process.

At Property Twins, we are eager to begin a journey with you if you are looking to rebuild a home in Silicon Valley or Build a New House in Silicon Valley. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation!

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