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Kitchen Upgrades are Essential for Home Renovations

Kitchen Upgrades are Essential for Home Renovations

The kitchen is an essential piece of the home. It’s a functional space to revitalize yourself, loved ones or family. It’s a space to entertain and bring joy. It is fundamental for nourishment and providing food and water to help you start your day or to help bring it to a close. The purpose of having a kitchen is not bound to just-food. It offers a communal space to communicate, plan and make decisions with your family, as well as share in sorrow or laughter with those you love.

Are you in need of a Home Renovation? Work with the best team! Property Twins are licensed, bonded and resourceful.

Here are more reasons to consider upgrading your kitchen.


Improve Energy and Water Conservation


Appliances and equipment older than 25 years consume more power than current on-market ones. Those aged more than 25 years are often no longer approved under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Seal. The repairs are too costly and often parts for repair are obsolete. Save money on your power and water bills by upgrading to new higher efficiency appliances and fixtures.


Ease Maintenance Requirements


Time is precious and limited. Kitchen upgrades can reduce time wasted with maintenance and troubleshooting, whether with pesky leaks or faulty appliances and plumbing fixtures. When considering investing in an upgrade, always consider the peace of mind and reduced maintenance burdens that will accompany the investment. This can help you to focus more on enjoying what matters when preparing a home-cooked meal.


Increase Your Efficiency


Substandard kitchen design may have too large of a work triangle between your sink, stove and refrigerator, or old ovens with limited space that take too long to properly cook a dish. Kitchen upgrades should be considered to give you time back and reduce the labor hours spent preparing meals. Consider smart appliances, convection ovens and rearranging your kitchen to optimize your time best.


Boost Your Home’s Resale Value


A well-furnished and easy-to-cook in kitchen attracts more buyers compared to one that’s outdated with a poor flow. A good cooking area not only helps you enjoy the space today, but it also can increase your buyer prospects as well cover all renovation expenses with the increased sale price.

There are multi-faceted team members at Property Twins who excel in both Kitchen Renovation and Home Renovation services. They begin by understanding your needs and end with providing complete customized service with a smooth process. In addition to home renovation service, the Property Twins can also help with rebuilding, remodelling, buying and selling your home. The process all begins with a simple Hello, and the journey takes off from there. For your home renovation needs in Silicon Valley, contact the Property Twins today!

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Kitchen Upgrades are Essential for Home Renovations

The kitchen is an essential piece of the home. It’s a functional space to revitalize yourself, loved ones or family. It’s a space to entertain

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