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Selling a Home in California? What You Need to Know About Earthquakes

Selling a Home in California? What You Need to Know About Earthquakes

California residents are aware of the state’s earthquake hazards. The Pacific and the North American plates build pressure then scrape against each other, causing the ground to shake and often times cracks to form in buildings. In extreme cases, cracks can open in the Earth and buildings can topple. According to experts, the Pacific plate is moving towards the North American plate at the rate of 2 inches per year with nearly 10,000 earthquakes per year!

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California is situated on the San Andreas Fault, which spans a distance of 800 miles long. A ‘fault’ is the location where two architectural plates meet, and for the San Andreas Fault, this refers to Pacific and North American tectonic plates.

Homes and buildings constructed along and near this fault line require specific building code compliance to help safeguard the structure and its inhabitants (aka you) from harm due to seismic activity. Here we list recommendations you can follow to prevent earthquake damage to your property and the essentials within your home.

  1. Childproof the cabinets and doors to your wardrobe to keep them from opening. When tremors occur, if powerful enough, they can shake entire buildings and rattle all belongings on walls and shelves. Installing child safety latches will help secure doors shut and can prevent loose objects from falling.
  2. Understand how to operate and turn off water, electricity and gas. We’re not referring to your faucets and wall switches, but the lines to your home. If there’s a water leak, you can turn off the water at the water meter near your sidewalk. If there’s an electrical issue, switch off the fuses at your fuse box. If there’s a gas leak, you can turn off local lines to your fireplace and stove near these appliances. Knowing where these are ahead of time can enable you to act quickly and ward off major preventable safety issues.
  3. All big appliances and tall furniture should be secured to the wall using anchors or brackets to prevent them from falling over and injuring someone or other items in your home.
  4. All flammable liquids and gasses should be stored in dwarf-heighted cabinets in your garage or exterior and should contain child protection locks.
  5. Position your beds away from the walls and windows. Secure your television to the walls or position it on a low stand. The higher your television is the higher likelihood of damage or personal injury in the case of a fall. Take care of your home, family, pets, and personal belongings.

If you’re looking to sell a home in California or visit any homes by friends and family, we always recommend to point out risks that could be easily mitigated. Educate yourself about earthquake home protection as well as those around you. If you see something, say something.

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