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Selling my home relocating

Selling My Home When Relocating

Selling your house and relocating somewhere? This can be stressful. Relocating is not an easy task especially when coupled with our existing responsibilities. This situation can take both financial and emotional tolls when saying goodbye to your loved ones and finding a new place to live. We understand this rollercoaster very well as we’ve been in your shoes before. The Property Twins will make sure you are not alone in this process. We can help make this journey smooth and easy for you.


If you are feeling stressed about an upcoming relocation, take one thing at a time and get started by following these steps:


1. Prepare Your House for Selling

First step. Begin packing your belongings and clearing your space. Not only will this reveal hidden issues and defects to allow the Property Twins to help document a clear scope of work to return your space to an attractive condition, but also provides access for a thorough home inspection. If you’re concerned about what may be uncovered, that’s ok! We can fix issues before potential buyers come through.


Also having an inspection report is typical during the selling process (buyers will typically request one anyway) and having this completed in advance can help you sell your home much faster. Once repairs are made, we start the selling process. Our real estate agents are extremely sharp and can help coordinate everything from renovations to staging to marketing to open houses and more! Remember, the first impression matters the most.


2. Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you’re in a hurry, then a real estate agent will be a blessing. A real estate agent will make sure everything is ready in time and is your advocate. The Property Twins are perfectionists and have very high standards and have selected some of the best realtors in the area to work with. We can ensure your home is valued properly and competitively (the Zestimate is not always the most accurate) and will prepare your house to show at its best. We work only with top-quality teams with experience. Let us do the due diligence for you and we’ll save you time so you can focus on your other priorities.


3. Know Your Selling Criteria

Ultimately you’ll be approving the sale of your home. Price is not always the only factor to consider in an offer. You should also consider the buyer’s financial terms, closing timeline, inspection criteria, and other special requests. Some buyers may not be able to close on a timeline that meets your needs or may have financial qualifications that are lower than the offer price and may call into question their ability to close.


Buyers may also include special requests like to have you make certain repairs before closing or to provide credits so they can make repairs if they wish. Know generally what price works for you, but factor in the entire offer package as some terms may bear more weight in your ultimate decision to accept their offer. The Property Twins can help provide more information here and can help you navigate these tricky waters.


4. Sell For Cash

In some cases, selling direct to a cash buyer may be the right thing to do. You don’t always need to use a real estate agent – that’s just ONE way to sell your home. Selling directly to a cash buyer has many benefits, and may work best for you if you’re on a tight timeline if your home is old and has severe issues, or even just if you want to hit the easy button and sell direct without the hassle of fixing it up, listing it, having people walk through and scrutinize your home, risking uncertainty of offers or days on market, etc.


Another benefit of selling directly to a buyer is you don’t have to pay the 5-6% realtor commission which could save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. If you have any questions here, contact the Property Twins! They can help address any questions, and in some cases can purchase homes directly from sellers as well.


5. Slow Down! Exercise Caution if Buying a Home Before Selling

Many agents and companies may say it’s ok to buy a home before selling your current one. Be cautious here. Unless you’re able to fully afford the new home, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t close on the new home without selling the current one, leaving the seller frustrated and risking the close on your new home. And depending on market conditions, your current home may sell for less than you expected. You may find yourself in a pickle and under a large burden of stress. Consider options to rent a home in the interim for more flexibility, or selling terms such as ‘seller rentback’ for periods like 30 or 45 days. This can help temper the stress during this critical transition.

The Property Twins can help with many scenarios! Most of which likely apply to your own. They can help to renovate your home, sell for maximum value, or even buy directly with cash and without hassle. Everyone deserves a home, but more importantly to find peace and happiness during their life’s transitions. Whatever the hurdles or issues, the Property Twins excel at helping you find the right solutions that work for you.

Simply contact us at or give us a ring at 408-800-2488 today!

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