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Things to Remember When Rebuilding a Home

Things to Remember When Rebuilding a Home

Rebuilding your home is a significant living style transformation and must be done carefully. Despite your current living arrangement, be patient and take time to consider what your future layout will be to ensure it accommodates your desired living style and needs. Prior undertaking home rebuilding, there are several considerations to review in order to avoid disappointment and expense waste down the road.

For Bathrooms

The best way to create a well-equipped bathroom is to optimally utilize the space. You can use pony walls to place storage like cabinets or racks. If designing in heated floors, heated towel racks or automated toilet seat, carefully consider the electrical design and outlet locations. Higher ceilings (9-10ft) can help the bathroom feel larger if your footprint is limited.

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For Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is your comfort zone, which invites careful consideration into elements that will help ensure a comfortable and convenient space. Install the main or accent light and ceiling fan switch near the bed headboard so can you simply power down without walking across the dark room. To accommodate evenings and mornings with electronics, position your outlets near the nightstands (or purchase nightstands with built in electronic outlets). Mood lighting is also important to foster comfort, so consider designing in a tray ceiling with reflected rope lighting. You want to have options to control the setting regardless of the occasion.

For Pets

If you have pets, it is vital to create a space just for them. As humans we have a sense of sanitation and privacy, but animals struggle with adapting to these, although they are worthy of them. Designate a place for bathing, eating, sleeping and relieving for your pets’ day-to-day exercises. Install an exhaust an exhaust fan in the laundry room for the litter box to maintain the odor and ensure a healthy environment.

For Kitchen

The kitchen by far uses the most resources and energy, so a well-equipped kitchen is a necessity for detailed planning when considering rebuilding or renovating your home. Ensure sufficient outlets in the kitchen for lights, undercabinet lighting and for appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, wine coolers, coffee makers, blenders, etc. Plan for adequate storage options in the island, pantry or cabinets to encourage clean and clear countertop surfaces so you can showcase your accent kitchen pieces. Even consider outlets in your cabinets to power hidden devices like microwaves and to enable inner cabinet lighting.

Other considerations to design and factor in are convenience items such as hooks to hang aprons and towels, integrated sink soap pumps and filtered water faucet, a drawer pull-out for waste cans and dirty laundry, and a below-counter microwave space. Options are seemingly unlimited.

You must consider safety like fire extinguishers, pocket doors, etc. Other spaces require consideration as well, such as the garage and storage, communication wiring and terminals, plumbing, lighting, skylights and windows, electrical panels and subpanels, EV charger, etc.

There’s no shortage of decisions or design options when designing a home from scratch. But at the Property Twins, they can help make this a much simpler process. Not only can the Property Twins help with home design and construction but can help you with various real-estate services regarding selling your home, buying a new home, remodeling, rebuilding or renovating your existing one. Whatever your need, contact the Property Twins first!

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