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Want to Buy a Home in Silicon Valley_ Know the Unknown Facts

Want to Buy a Home in Silicon Valley? Know the Unknown Facts

Silicon Valley is situated in the Southern part of the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California. North California is the global center for innovation and high technology.

There are some interesting details about this extravagant place that will swoop you off your feet and drop your jaw in astonishment!

Buy Home in Silicon Valley and live the life of your dreams!

Facts About Silicon Valley 


  1. Our beloved Silicon Valley was once tagged as The Valley of Death. Before 1985, personal computers started attacking human jobs and thus, as a grudge people started calling silicon valley as The Valley of Death. Over time people began to understand that introduction of PCs at work is more for the purpose of efficiency growth and not manpower replacement. However, the reaction of the people of the past was the same as the people of today towards the introduction of artificial intelligence.
  2. A large number of Millionaires are made in Silicon Valley. Most of the Startups in Silicon Valley are funded by venture capitalists. These venture capitalists invest a lot of their money with the hopes of making massive profits. The software and service creators in this space also own a good number of company shares so in the case a company goes public or is sold, fortunes can roll in. We live in a time of technology and innovation, and while both carry risks they also proportionately carry huge returns. Fortunately, Silicon Valley has a lot of risk takers which makes it home for the millionaires.
  3. Many major worldwide companies started their roots in Silicon Valley. Companies like LinkedIn, Mozilla, Adobe Systems, Apple Inc, Google Inc, HP, Intel, Yahoo! Inc, Netflix Inc, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Nvidia, and many more are originally from Silicon Valley. The region is full of intellectual talents that contribute and accelerate technology, software and computerized innovations.
  4. It is common to find Dentistry services on a roaming vehicle. There is a mobile van that stops regularly on company premises like Google to deliver convenience to their employees. From cleaning to X-rays, dental services are provided by robotic machines. The win-win here is that the company can get more output from the employees and employees in turn don’t have to spare extra time for dental checkups.
  5. Robots Rule! There are quite a few basic jobs that are performed by robots in Silicon Valley. It is common to find robots in hotel lobbies and restaurants to perform basic services, such as delivering drinking water or directing you to the pool. The advancement forward started at the Valley of Death, and the level of acceptance signals we are not returning to what we were, but only moving ahead with advancement.  Buy a Home in Silicon Valley, your kids will thank you for life (hopefully)!
  6. Some software engineers live in vans. While Silicon Valley helps breed millionaires, there are many residents who are early in their professional journey towards financial accumulation. Rents are a significant expense in California! There are various options to reducing these expenses, like living with housemates and sharing rooms, or even converting garages and living rooms into additional living spaces. One popular avenue explored is renting a van or moving van to save on costs. The main ground rule is to avoid parking your “house van” on the company premises, and perhaps also to shower from time to time.

At Property Twins, you can consult various services for your Real Estate needs. You can buy or sell the property, remodel, renovate, and even rebuild your home. We listen to all your needs and keep them in mind before saying yes or no to any project. We understand all budgets and needs differ, so we’re able to review and advise on the paths that can work best for you.

At Property Twins, our team’s first objective is to take good care of you. We understand it can be challenging to make big decisions, which is why we can help guide you. All you have to do is drop a “hello” and then great ideas can begin!

Santa Clara County is one of the best areas to live in California. Get started in your journey to buy, sell or reshape your home. The Property Twins are here to help make your home interests a reality.

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Want to Buy a Home in Silicon Valley_ Know the Unknown Facts

Silicon Valley is situated in the Southern part of the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California. North California is the global center for innovation

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